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The Independent Information Security Group (IISyG) was set up in 1989 to meet the needs of security practitioners, to have a regular forum that did not appear to be addressed by any of the other existing groups at that time.

The IISyG has consistently met from that time to this and amongst its membership are security practitioners from commerce, government and many other different industry sectors.

The IISyG has a maximum number of members set at 50 on account of logistics issues with trying to arrange suitable meeting places in Central London without incurring costs.

There is no membership charge to become an IISyG member. Applications for membership have to be supported by a minimum of two members of good standing prior to consideration for membership by the membership committee.

The IISyG meet three times a year and speaker presentations and notes are distributed to the members.

The Rules of the IISyG Membership are:

  • No selling of service or product at meetings or by use of membership list (Emails, meetings, etc) and this includes Guest Speakers
  • All meeting are to be held under Chatham House rules
  • Every one is expected to offer to contribute (talks, venues etc)
  • It is up to members to advise of address changes, if we are not advised your membership will cease
  • If you do not respond on two occasions to either apologise for a ‘no show' or to attend then you forfeit your membership
  • Membership numbers are set to 50, with no more than two representatives from one organisation.
  • Anyone wanting to be a member must have attended as a guest for two events and there be an available membership space
  • If space at a given function is limited then we will advise of total numbers of places available. Anyone responding after all spaces are full will be unable to attend (i.e. first come first served and members take priority over guests)
  • The membership committee will retain ultimate power to allow or terminate membership
  • If a member wants to invite a guest, clearance from the membership secretary must be obtained first
  • Membership will remain free and by invitation, but members are expected to maintain standards of professionalism and integrity both at meeting and in their professional business dealings
  • Breach of the rules results in automatic expulsion
  • The decision of the Membership Committee is final and there is no appeal.