Executive Dinner for CISO's & Heads of Information Security on 28/05/2024

28  May  2024 
This Executive Dinner will be held on Tuesday 28th of May 2024 in the private dining room of The Savoy Hotel
John Ross Smoked Salmon
Pickled Heirloom Radish | Dill Cream Cheese | Squid Ink Crisp
Beef Wellington
Horseradish Celeriac Puree | Potato Fondant | Fine Green Beans | Merlot Jus
A Taste of Kent (Vg)
Kent Strawberry Compote | Elderflower | Tahitian Vanilla Cream
Coffee and petit fours
Please let us know in advance if you have a dietary requirement or allergies
so that we can accommodate an alternative menu.
17:30 to 18:30  
Champagne Reception
18:30 to 19:00  
Introduction to our sponsor
18:00 to 20:00  
1st & 2nd Course Dinner
20:00 to 20:30  
Guest speaker
20:30 to 20:45  
3rd Course
20.45 to 22:00  
Debating the issues raised
Our speaker



Carl Froggett has a proven track record in building teams, systems architecture, large scale enterprise software implementation, as well as aligning processes and tools with business requirements.
Froggett was formerly Head of Global Infrastructure Defense, CISO Cyber Security Services at Citi.  In his previous role, Carl was responsible for delivering integrated risk reduction capabilities and services aligned to the architectural, business, and CISO priorities across Citi’s devices and networks in 100+ countries. Since 1998, he has held various regional and global roles for Citi, covering all aspects of architecture, engineering, global operations, as well as running critical enterprise cyber services for Citi’s cybersecurity functions. Froggett holds CISSP and CISM security certifications and
a B.S. (Hons) in Computer Science from Loughborough University



Topic for this Executive Dinner
Join Carl Froggett, current CIO at Deep Instinct and former CISO Global Engineering Head Infrastructure Defense at Citi to discuss the most pressing cybersecurity issues today from generative AI to ransomware and zero day attacks. Carl will share his real-world experiences and how to fight AI with AI and why greater prevention of threats is the only way forward to get ahead of attacks



About our sponsor
Deep Instinct protects the data of the world's largest brands by delivering on the promise of threat prevention with the only cybersecurity platform fully powered by Deep Learning. We have pioneered predictive prevention to anticipate an attacker's next move before they make it to stop ransomware, zero-days, and unknown threats before they ever get started. We do this everywhere malicious files are trying to infiltrate your network in the cloud and on-prem including applications, storage and endpoints.
Our multilayered predictive prevention platform:
  • Prevents threats with >99% efficacy (online or offline)
  • Yields the industry’s lowest <0.1% false positive rate
  • Renders verdict in <20ms to prevent every malicious file, script, and macro
  • Scales to the needs of the largest enterprises while protecting data privacy
Our predictive prevention platform integrates anywhere (Applications, CyberStorage, Endpoints) in your environment to:
  • Reduce the risk of business disruption and data loss
  • Improve SOC operational efficiency
  • Protect brand reputation 
Unlike reactive, legacy AV and reactive, detection and response solutions who might serve a purpose but perpetuate a false sense of security because they:
  • Cannot evolve to stop the volume and velocity of threats as a result of generative AI
  • Often fail to detect unknown threats until they have landed in your environment
  • Are too slow to prevent zero day and ransomware threats before your data has been exfiltrated


Iolanthe, Private Dining Room
The Savoy
The Strand



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