Executive Dinner for CISOs & Heads of Information Security - December 2018

10  December  2018 

This is our 155th Executive Dinner for CISO and Heads of Information Security


The dinner will be held on Monday 10th of December in the Private Dining Room at the Berkeley Hotel, sponsored by Illusive Networks



Scottish Smoked Salmon & Dill Mille-feuille, Quail’s egg, pickled vegetables, rye croutons, trout roe
Aberdeen Angus Beef Filet, Mousseline potato, peas, young spring vegetables, bordelaise sauce
Chocolate & hazelnut mousseline, almond praline, caramelised banana ice cream
Coffee and petit fours
Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or have any special dietary requirements so that we can accommodate an alternative menu




5:30 to   6:30 Champagne Reception
6:30 to   7:00 Sponsors talk
7:00 to   8:00 1st & 2nd Course Dinner
8:00 to   8:30 Guest speaker talk
8:30 to   8:45 3rd Course
8.45 to 10:00 Debating the issues raised
            10:00 Close


Tonight’s topic

We are clearly now living in a post-breach world where it is inevitable that advanced threat actors can and will get a foothold in any organisation.  With a typical dwell time of 99 days (*FireEye 2018), earlier detection is now critical in containing the intruder before they have a chance to gain access to the Crown Jewels and expose the organisation to undue risk.  The evening’s discussion will focus on the role of endpoint-based cyber deception in providing very early detection and hence reducing dwell time to days or even hours.  We’ll also look at how deception techniques can be used to view your environment from the attacker’s perspective and use this information to identify and remove risk.

About tonight’s sponsor

Our goal is simple.  To provide the SOC with early detection of APT type attacks and the associated forensic information to allow the removal of the threat before crown jewels are compromised.
Our approach is also simple.  By layering agentless deceptions into the existing infrastructure, we turn the table on the attackers and lead them into a virtual reality, where they are forced to reveal themselves at every step.  The outcome is high-fidelity alerts for the SOC, with forensic capture from the very endpoint the attack is launched from.  Attackers are also slowed down, and kept away from the crown jewels, buying vital time to respond.
Our background is unique.  Our founders and many staff are from Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defence Force and therefore know how attackers behave, hence were able to create a company with the sole aim of defeating sophisticated attacks.  We have already major brand name global companies from pharmaceutical, banking, retail and industrial sectors as clients.
A new viewpoint.  By viewing your environment from the perspective of the attacker you can also see your organisation’s APT attack surface.  This unique viewpoint allows you to proactively reduce the attack surface, using manual and automated rules before the adversary arrives.

Tonight’s Speakers:

Ivan Foreman, VP Sales EMEA & Tom Sela, Head of Security Research from Illusive Networks
Case Study, From a large UK Bank, from an existing Illusive customer


The Motcomb Private Dining Room
The Berkeley
Wilton Place
London SW1X 7RL

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