Executive Dinner for CISOs & Heads of Information Security

8  October  2019 
Information Security Solutions 173rd Executive Dinner for CISO's & Heads of Information Security.
The dinner will be held on Wednesday, 9th of October in the Pinafore Private Dining Room in the Savoy Hotel


Scottish Smoked Salmon
Dill Infused Cucumber | Horseradish Chantilly
Keta Caviar | Sea Herbs
28 Day Aged Sirloin of Hereford Beef
Tenderstem Broccoli | Truffle Croquette | Gremolata
Big Choux to Fill
Alunga Milk Chocolate Choux à la Crème | Praline
Yuzu Gel
Tea, Coffee and petit fours

Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or have any dietary requirements so that we can accommodate an alternative menu





Tonight’s topic

Beat the Bots 
Being able to manage bots intelligently can give your business an edge. Bot traffic can make up as much as 70% of the total traffic to a website — and that requires a lot of overhead to manage. On top of that, it's becoming critical to prevent credential stuffing attacks. It is estimated more than 30% of credential stuffing attacks go undetected, and with average attacks costing upwards of $6M you need an effective bot management strategy. We will discuss the impact of bots and credential stuffing on your business, and strategies available to combat them. 

About tonight's sponsor

Akamai provides a global cloud platform to stop attacks at the edge before they reach your apps, infrastructure and people. We harness visibility into more traffic (1 trillion DNS requests, 1.3 billion devices, and 100 million IP addresses daily) and more attacks (178 billion WAF rule triggers daily) to stay ahead of the latest DDoS and web application attacks, evolving automated threats, and advanced targeted threats—including responding to the latest zero-day vulnerabilities. Akamai’s managed security services, backed by 24/7/365 security operations centers, give you the choice to offload security management, monitoring, and threat mitigation to Akamai security experts.


Tonight's Speaker


Richard Meeus, Security Technology and       Strategy Director, Akamai Technologies

 Richard Meeus has over 20 years of experience in designing and building secure solutions working   as pre/post-sales, in addition to consulting roles.
 He has worked on some of the world's largest   enterprise security solutions through Mirapoint, to   being a key pre-sales component of Prolexic as it   spearheaded the DDOS protection space.



The Pinafore Private Dining Room
The Savoy Hotel



Interesting and informative as always. 
The harvesting of once-hacked credentials was a thought-provoking subject! 
Michael Brunker
Regional CISO
I thought the event was just great, the venue, food and beverages were marvelous. Thank you Akamai.
The subject matter and the debates I found extremely informative and useful, really enjoyed sitting next to Richard who was very helpful.
Great event.
Jim Sheridan
Head of Technology Resilience
Excellent evening with lively debate.  
Having a real use case for the product resulted in an interesting and relevant discussion.  
Iain, as ever, was a superb host and ensured the evening ran smoothly.
Head of Risk & Control
Financial Services Organisation
Interesting topics and debate as usual – good participation and a good mix of firms.  
Very relevant to issues at my previous firm – not so much at the new one 
Financial Services Organisation
Good to have the topics split across a couple of areas so that interest and applicability maintained even where one of the topics was felt to be less critical for my current business…
Was made more valuable by having testimony in the room from an actual business client using the products and services  and not just hearing solely from people in ‘vendor-land’
Group IT Security Manager
Energy Organisation
Host: Excellent as ever
Vendor: Interesting offering with good input from the client representative, especially with respect to minimal impact on customer experience.
Director, Security Architecture
Financial Services Organisation

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