Executive Dinner for CISOs & Heads of Information Security

30  October  2019 

Information Security Solutions 174th Executive Dinner for CISO's & Heads of Information Security.
The dinner will be held on Wednesday, 30th of October in the Private Dining Room in the Gherkin



Portland crab
prawn and heritage tomato soup
Fillet of Longhorn beef
Truffled potatoes, forest mushrooms, baby onions
Lemon parfait
citrus fruit, elderflower jelly
Coffee and petit fours
Please let us know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements so that we can accommodate an alternative menu.





Noble was founded “To Help Free Society from the Burden of Cyber Crime.” 
This is our Vision and core belief. This is what drives our ambition and gives us a competitive advantage. We are not only a cyber security company. 
We are Cyber warriors in the fight against corruption, crime and the dark side of the digital revolution. 
Our powerful combination of human insight and deep learning technology arms your business with forensic anomaly detection which reliably identifies previously unknown threats. At Noble we believe that securing enterprises and protecting society go hand in hand. Our product Noble Vision provides security analysts with a clear view into network activity, using deep learning to intelligently classify and red flag suspicious behaviour.
Our company was founded in London in 2016 to develop innovative network cyber security applications using advanced AI-based technology. We have research, development, marketing and sales hubs in London, Graz (Austria) and Rosenheim (Germany). We are a mid-stage start-up with 46 highly engaged and motivated employees who believe passionately in our Vision.


Iván Blesa is Head of Product at Noble, where he leads the product strategy, execution and delivery. 
He has built up a broad range of cyber security experience across a wide variety of sectors over the last 18 years of working in the industry, and has a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face when dealing with their cyber security strategy.


Nimbus Dining Room
38th Floor, Gherkin
30 St Mary Axe


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